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Rayamada makes the Showa era shine. (“Playback Part2” lyrics by Yoyoko Agi, music by Ryudo Uzaki)

Layermada makes the Showa period glossy.

This project began when lyricist Yoyoko Agi gave us a tremendous permission to sing any song by Reyamada.

Kudo-san from Digz cooperated fully and a great team produced the event.
Finally, the songs were distributed.
First cover song “Playback Part 2

I’ll continue to release a series of monthly releases. We will make an album next year.

Announcing a new project! Seven masterpieces of the Showa era created by lyricist Yoyoko Agi will be made into 2025.
Rei Yamada, who is known around the world for her exceptional singing ability, has begun a series of cover songs of Japanese pop songs. The seven masterpieces by lyricist Yoshiaki Agi that colored the Showa era are covered with a new breath of life. The songs were produced by Digs Group Inc. which has produced songs for many famous artists such as EXILE, J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE, ENHYPEN, and INI.

The copy is by Junko Koyama and the jacket design is also by Shino Misawa. The creative team is already perfect.

■The first cover song “Playback Part 2″ is finally released!
Play Back Part 2” (lyrics by Yoyoko Agi, music by Ryudo Uzaki) is the 22nd single by Momoe Yamaguchi, released in May 1978. The phrase “Wait a minute! Play Back!” was popular at the time.

■Distribution information:
Music Title: Playback Part2
Artist : Ray Yamada
Distribution start date: August 17, 2023 (Thursday)
Distribution platform: Available on major music distribution platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.
URL: https://linkco.re/4UgGQGmu

Rayamada makes the Showa era shine once more.

Yoyoko Agi is one of the most famous lyricists of the Showa era.
With exceptional singing ability,
Rei Yamada brings Japanese pop music to the world.
This was made possible by the meeting of two such people,
Miracle cover album.
Many hit songs that have now become legendary,
The powerful and lustrous voice of the singer brings it back to life in the modern age.
It bewitches and fascinates us.
New Retro Pop was born.

Ray Yamada
Singer-songwriter. Born in Tokyo, Japan, she made her debut in 2013. Released 4 albums and 1 single. Based in Tokyo, she has toured all over Japan, and has also written songs for commercials and artists. She has also performed live in Taiwan, China, and Macau.
In 2018, he played the lead role in the stage play “Ay Sonezakishinju” produced by Yoyoko Agi and music directed by Ryudo Uzaki, which became a hot topic of conversation and was seen by Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress.
BS TBS “Mukashi banashi no oheya” ending theme is now airing.
Shimane Prefecture Hometown Goodwill Ambassador. Matsue City Tourism Ambassador.