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NON, new art solo exhibition “Weird and Cute Things.” Collaboration with Tohoku traditional crafts! (Sendai PARCO)

NON, new art solo exhibition, “Weird and Cute Things.”
Collaboration with Tohoku traditional crafts! (Sendai PARCO)

This exhibition is a collaboration of traditional Tohoku crafts “kokeshi lanterns,” “akabeko” and “Tanabata decorations” and Non’s Ribbon Art.

Akabeko” is a traditional craft of the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture. The “suspiciously cute appearance” of the bright red body clad in Nonno’s Ribbon art is a must-see.

The Kokeshi Lantern is a lantern based on the shape of the Tsugaru Kokeshi doll, a traditional Tsugaru handicraft.

Five large kokeshi lanterns, each 180 cm tall and 45 cm in circumference, will be on display at this exhibition.
The design drawing of the Kokeshi lantern designed by Nono has now been released.

Based on these design drawings, craftsmen will paint and Nun will clothe the Ribbon.
Dates: October 13 (Friday) – October 29 (Sunday)
Location: Space 6, 6F, Sendai PARCO Main Bldg.
Admission fee: 700 yen (tax included)
Organizer: Sendai PARCO
Planning and production: PARCO, Team NON, KARUTA
Cooperation: “Ribbon” Film Partners, Tokyo Ribbon, speedy
Craft Cooperation: Kaneiri Corporation/Yuichi Mori/Nozawa Folk Crafts Production Enterprise Association
HP: https: //art.parco.jp/sendai/detail/?id=1319

■Non’s comments
For two weeks, we kept tying ribbons.
Surrounded by a vast amount of ribbons, I was immersed in a world of weird and lovely, as if I had been transformed by the ribbons.

And I am happy and very excited to collaborate with traditional craftsmen and artisans in Tohoku. The charm of Japanese harmony and ribbon art go very well together.

When the ribbons were stuck all over Akabeko, something truly monstrous and cute was born.
Please come to the NON Ribbon exhibition in the autumn of art. The traditions of Tohoku and many weird and lovely ribbons are waiting for you.

■219 kokeshi dolls Ribbon art “Makka Warashi” exhibit installation arranged in a weird and cute way.
The 219 pieces of kokeshi ribbon art “Prototype: Room of bright red child” exhibited at “ikuno art stay 2023 non ribbon art” in January 2013 will be rearranged for this exhibition and unveiled.
Come and meet the kokeshi dolls that stand mysteriously in the Japanese space.

■Installation of red and white Tanabata decorations
The first Tanabata decorations from Sendai PARCO’s 15th anniversary project will be arranged in red and white Ribbon art to decorate the venue. Please enjoy the installation space designed by Non.

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