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The Johnny’s issue is a good start, but it means that there are still many problems in the entertainment industry as a whole.

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The Johnny’s issue is a good start, but it means that there are many more problems in the whole entertainment industry. NTV admitted today that there was a discovery to Johnny’s, but there must be discoveries at other offices as well. Without investigating and reporting to that extent, there will be no solution to this problem. The following is a list of the industry problems that I mentioned in the program.

Entertainment Office Issues
1. slave contract (low wages)
2. sexual harassment, power harassment
3. preventing transfers
4. harassment of talent who quit
5. talent bundle sales

TV station issues
1. lack of awareness of human rights (sexual harassment)
2. discovery (not using actors who have left major companies)
3. abuse of a superior position (unreasonably low fees)
4. expanded interpretation of freedom of expression (MIC should supervise closely)
5. non-transparency of transactions related to production (third-party audits)

THE UPDATE: How should companies deal with the Johnny’s issue? (NewsPicks)
October 3, 2023, 10:00 p.m.

Keiko Hamada (Journalist / Former Editor-in-Chief of AERA)
Jun Fukuda (President and Representative Director, Speedy Corporation)
Yasushi Hashida (Former Johnny’s Jr./President of PROF Entertainment Inc.)
Atsushi Takada (Former General Manager, Lexus Brand Management Department, Toyota Motor Corporation / President, A.T. Marketing Solution)
Kosaka Daimaou
Ayana Kizaki