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Speedy Farm : Wild Mini Tomatoes x Okinawan Olive “Moraiora”

Speedy Farm (スピーディ農場)
I harvested the mini tomatoes that grew wild on the farm. They have a sweet and sour taste similar to grapes.
I made a salad with them by drizzling on them Okinawan “Moraiolo” olive oil, which I found in nearby “Kariyushi City”.
Delicious! They were delectable.
I’m also thinking about planting olive trees. Okinawa is too tropical, so olives are almost nonexistent but this variety seems to do just fine. I need to find out more.
The following is the info on the Moraiolo variety. For my personal memo.
“A cultivar indigenous to Tuscany, Italy, which has spread to the rest of central Italy, and well known for its high oil extraction rate.
The Moraiolo olive varieties are known by 30 other names and are characterized by extremely well-balanced organoleptic properties.
The most famous among them are the Carboncella, Morellino, Nerella and Tondello. These small olive trees that grow straight up bear fairly large, rounded fruits.

While the Moraiolo varieties are well known for their excellent production capacity and oil extraction rates, they are ill-adapted to low-temperature climates and are characterized by extremely slow repair rates of cuts such as pruning.

The oil has a medium-strength green and fruity aroma accented by the scent of artichokes and herbs. The rich taste will fill your mouth and nose with the smell of a sprawling meadow. The medium-strength bitterness and spiciness are extremely well-balanced and have a lingering aftertaste.

Oils with a high percentage of the Moraiolo variety contain a well-balanced amount of biophenols and have been proven to have positive health effects. It is also high in hydrocarbons such as oleic acid and squalene that are essential for various body functions.”

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