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Speedy Farm collaboration with denen Okinawa.

Speedy Farm collaboration with denen Okinawa.

The delivery of Okinawa’s wonderful off-spec vegetables has begun.
I’m delighted to receive such a positive response from everyone!

The pampas grass knot (that was actually made of lemongrass) that we had used to ward off bad luck when transporting the Okinawan food products was also very well received.
The day after the ingredients were delivered, everyone prepared their favorite dishes and enjoyed a piece of Okinawa in their own way.
The ingredients included winter melon, okra, dragonfruit, Okinawan shallot, shikuwasa, lemongrass, baby leaf lettuce, mugwort, butterfly pea, etc.

We hope to launch a system in the future that is capable of supporting regular delivery of these ingredients.

Denen Okinawa is located in the vicinity of Speedy Farm (in Nanjo, Okinawa).

From my conversations with Yoko Misawa, the owner of denen Okinawa, I have come to understand that off-spec crops are actually the best crops. Although off-spec vegetables and fruits are often thought to be damaged or old, this is not necessarily the case.

“Off-spec” is actually nothing more than an arbitrary rule that major distributors have stipulated, and even a cucumber that falls short of the specifications by 1cm would be deemed off-spec. In other words, off-spec crops are not third-rate crops but crops of the finest quality that have been grown under unconstrained and natural conditions.

I am very pleased to be able to deliver these delicious off-spec crops that Misawa has cultivated together with dedicated farmers in Okinawa to all of you. I look forward to your feedback on whether it would be possible to continue selling these products in the future.

Atsushi Fukuda