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New Coronavirus Outbreak



The new coronavirus is expanding mainly in Wuhan, China.
I’m worried about my Chinese friends.

I think Japan should provide support as a neighbor.

A total of 3 billion Chinese people will be returning to Japan during the Chinese New Year (January 25, the Chinese New Year) starting this week, and a record 7 million will visit overseas (Japan and Thailand are the most common). A 9-day consecutive holiday.

The economic loss in the Asian region is large and it is no longer a problem only for China, so we would like to cooperate with the private sector as well. The Japanese government should immediately distribute masks and other aid to China.

First of all, I would like to collect as many masks as possible and send them to Wuhan City. We are currently examining information such as recipients and donations.

I’ll introduce it here as soon as I have more information
We look forward to your support.

PS: Look at the map. Japan and China are in such a close proximity.

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