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Thinking About the World, Earth, and Space Post COVID-19

The less time you spend around others, the more likely you are to get lost in your thoughts.

I’ve been thinking about the world, the earth, and space.

The world is designated to people and countries. Due to COVID-19, there has been a sudden change in the world. The world seemed small due to the development of automobiles and aircraft in the 20th century, and become more distant due to movement limitations. And, of course, America is soon to put the blame on China for COVID-19, there are threats to reduce WHO contributions, and even the Presidents in the Philippines is threatening to shoot people who go outside.

The internet seems to be the most familiar to us, intensifying criticism of politicians and attacking people with different views. What’s interesting is that the more physical distance we give each other, the closer we become on the internet.

When I think about the earth, I’m actually relieved. People aren’t flying, the use of electrical power has been reduced due to a halt in farming, and CO2 emissions have decreased significantly. Even the world’s largest CO2 emitting country, China, reduced CO2 emissions by 25 percent (200 million tons).

COP21 The Paris Agreement (2015), has set the following longterm goals.

“Keeping the Average Temperature Rise Below 2°C Compared to Before the Industrial Revolution,  At 1.5°C.”

↓Objectives to reach by2030 listed by country

Unintentionally I came a little closer to the ideals of environmental activist, Greta Thunberg’s ideal, but it’s unpredictable. How will we be post COVID-19 era? We should not be trying to go back to the time before this virus, but finding a new era, one that is kinder to the earth and making new order.

Let’s organize the issues presented to us by COVID-19.
Perhaps countries should take this opportunity to stop wasteful natural development and focus on developing new industries through clean energy.

To send a message that this is more likely to yield a profit post COVID-19 and could possibly build a new era centered around the net. Post COVID-19 era is a last chance to break away from the 20th century type business model.

Now, in the midst of a pandemic, our point of view is 180 degrees diametrically opposite the cosmic perspective. Which celebrity caught the virus? Young people who go out, seeming to look for all sorts of mounting material to secure their unstable position. However, if you think from the cosmic perspective, this is just a question of how the ecosystem of living things on a planet should be. The perception that Homo sapiens are the top of nature has crumbled away. Thought to be greatest, humans have been defeated only by extraterrestrial organisms, a virus of only 1μm (micrometer μm=1/1000mm).

Instead of thinking of this pandemic as an acceleration of dividing the world and people, let’s think of it as a chance to become one. However, this time, the concept of becoming united, is not in the same way as with natural disasters or in war. The old concept was fine if it was only a small portion of land of people damaged. But this pandemic has taught us that the business model humanity has built over the last 7 million years, does not work well. The history of the earth can be normal from about 4.5 billion years. The history of the universe, from 13.8 billion, is in the blink of an eye. 地球の歴史45億年からすれば普通にありうる。宇宙の歴史、138億年からすれば瞬き程度の話だ。

This doesn’t mean that humans need to despise their destiny. だからといって、人類は自分たちの運命を卑下する必要はない。With a cosmic point of view, we can review this pre-COVID-19 era way and try again for the post era.

Atsushi Fukuda