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The Story of the Unexplored Region that People Seek.

Why do people seek unexplored regions?

When living in the city for a long time, the opposite feelings of missing people pops up.
I want to go somewhere where there is no one.

People might be looking for the story in that unexplored region.

I visited Akita prefecture’s Mt. Kawarage Jigoku (hell).

It is said that there is paradise in 136 hells.
There are a number of waterfalls with abundant hot springs. Under the hot springs, you will find waterfall basin just the right size for your pleasure.

There’s no signal or people. It’s like I rented out the entire place.

When the sun sets, if you miss the timing, you could lose sight of the road.
It’s a world of last minute sensations.
I sharpened my five senses and headed home.

Returning to the lights of the town from the secluded regions, it reassures people.