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Encouraging a “Dual Life” of the Cities and the Countryside

Living a “dual life” across Tokyo & Okinawa, you come to appreciate the good things about both places.
Tokyo is, without a doubt, fascinating. The sheer amount of information here is on another level. It has art; it has projects; it has unique people.
The pandemic is not going to make the people discard what Tokyo represents, i.e., the “Function of the Metropolis.”
While not all, you can see plays that were popular on Broadway here. And the best art exhibits are sure to tour Tokyo. People gather towards places that have art and money. And that’s not going to change in the future.
Before the pandemic, the global rate of urbanization reached +3.5 million people per week. It was like forming a new LA every week.
The pandemic will eventually end, and some people will not give up their changed lifestyle, which leads to this. People who realize that they no longer have to work in Tokyo will move to the country—at most around 10 percent of people. That, in turn, will make it easier for the people in the countryside, who would want to move to the cities, to come.
To put it in pluses and minuses, it will be a plus for urbanization. The density of the population will not go away. The process of urbanization is a sign of civilization.