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Digital Nomads : With information technology, work can be location-free, time-free!

Picnic on nearby uninhabited Komaka Island… What was supposed to be a picnic on Komaka Island, a deserted island in the neighborhood…
It is a business of picking up radio signals behind rocks.
The way of spending time in Okinawa is already “living” rather than sightseeing, so there are days for relaxing and days for business.
Rather, the spread of ICT (Internet) has made it possible to work from anywhere. While on a deserted island in Okinawa, one can hold a meeting for NFT in Estonia, check on the status of a gallery in Los Angeles, or listen to the results of a SNS promotion in Beijing.
Work is neither the place nor the time, it is just a game to achieve results. Other time is spent swimming, diving, or napping.
This was the first time Komaka Island opened this year, and it was good that the fish were still in a natural state, unaccustomed to being fed by people.