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Recommended exhibition: “Kiin Seido,” an art exhibition by Hiromi Yamaguchi as art director

I visited “Kiin Seido (The Aesthetics of Grace),” an art exhibition for which Hiromi Yamaguchi serves as art director.
This exhibition will be open until the end of May at the “Homotsuden (Treasure Museum)” of Meiji Shrine, so don’t miss it!
Here are the reasons why you should definitely pay a visit to this exhibition.
First of all, you can enjoy a nice stroll to the inner part of Yoyogi Park (from Harajuku).
The Homotsuden at which this exhibition is held is a National Important Cultural Property that was built 100 years ago in 1921 and finally unveiled after three years of restoration work that began in 2019.
Modeled after Shosoin in Nara, the Homotsuden is a beautiful building built in the azekura (log-cabin) style with a raised floor.
Just entering the museum is enough to lift your spirits! If you miss this exhibition, it might be a while before you get another chance to enter the Homotsuden.
At this exhibition, you can see Kohei Nawa’s “Throne,” a magnificent, glittering golden sculpture at a scale of 1/7 that was displayed at the pyramid of the Louvre in Paris.
Housed in a historic display case from the Taisho era is “Pile up Life No.4” of Tatsuo Miyajima, an artist known for his works using digital LED counters. This work was inspired by the theme of eternal life and has LEDs embedded within its natural stone exterior.
Other works on display at the exhibition which you can enjoy for free include the intricate 3D works of secca, an art group based in Kanazawa that harnesses everything from handicrafts to cutting-edge technology, as well as the works of eminent contemporary artists such as Kimio Tsuchiya, Ryosuke Hara, Katsura Funakoshi, Koji Tanada, Tomotaka Yasui, Yoshihiro Suda, and Atsuhiko Misawa!
This exhibition features the works of Hirakushi Denchu, a sculptor from the Meiji and Showa periods who had a tremendous influence on modern and contemporary sculpture.
Emperor Meiji, who is enshrined at Meiji Shrine, had purchased a work by Hirakushi Denchu when the sculptor was 30 years old. Emperor Meiji visited many expositions and art exhibitions on a regular basis to prevent the loss of Japanese history and art while Western culture was being introduced into the country during the cultural enlightenment of the Meiji period, and he purchased many works as well. Artistic production was also carried out under imperial orders, which provided many artists with an opportunity to showcase their talents.
Among the works produced were the sculptures of Hirakushi Denchu, which were so exquisitely crafted that it is hard to believe that they are actually made of wood.
This art exhibition features the concept of art related to Meiji Shrine and nature (forests and trees). I hope that everyone will be able to enjoy all the new and old works of art on display here.
If you are reading this now, please visit the exhibition today! I think it is truly one of the best art exhibitions in Japan right now.
↑In front of the Homotsuden. The restoration work around the museum is still ongoing.
↑Some of the best contemporary art in the world can be seen here!
↑This is a rare view of the interior of the Homotsuden, a majestic building that freely incorporates Japanese and Western styles.
↑Everyone is relaxing in the park in front of the Homotsuden.
↑Don’t forget to visit the exhibition!