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The Kindle edition of “Breezing Thru DX” (co-authored by Naoki Sakai & Atsushi Fukuda) has been released!

The Kindle edition of this book has been released!
The book will officially go on sale tomorrow.
“Breezing Thru DX” (co-authored by Naoki Sakai & Atsushi Fukuda)

Excerpt from the Preface:
“Nothing will change by bemoaning that COVID-19 is making everything difficult. Why not use this as an opportunity to digitally transform your work?
After the Black Death killed a quarter of the human population in the 14th century, human civilization made a V-shaped recovery through science and technology. This was also the Renaissance (“rebirth” in French) period in human history.
Despite today’s unfortunate circumstances, the damage caused by COVID-19 around the world will likely serve as a trigger for another V-shaped recovery in the 21st century similar to that during the Renaissance.
In order for us to achieve that, we need to embrace flexible thinking in creating our future. By utilizing the power of digital transformation, we will be able to create a future that we have hitherto only dreamed of in SF.
For instance, the following inventions and changes may eventually become a reality.
・A new future for home delivery with drones traveling in the sky and carrying packages to be shipped
・3D-printed microwave ovens that can replicate the recipes of top chefs without the need for food delivery
・The rise of robocars eliminating the need for trains and cabs
・VR technology that allows us to enjoy everything from overseas travel to Martian exploration
・Oral drugs that can repair damage to our blood vessels and internal organs just like in “Fantastic Voyage”
・Customized online schools with AI robot instructors
・Complete centralized control of heavy equipment at construction sites from the office
・Shopping with just your face without the need for a smartphone or cash
We hope that this book will offer some post-COVID tips for readers to grasp the necessary knowledge to become winners in the area of digital transformation moving forward.”

Release date: April 30th
Release date at bookstores nationwide: From May 7th
Published by: Speedy Books / Distributed by: Koryosha Shoten