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Speedy will make Japan and China friends through entertainment!

Promoting friendship between Japan and China!

The first Japan and China meeting was held on November 25th.
Chinese President Xi Jinping suggests strengthening the relationship between Japan and China.

Among the agreed 8 items, “Promote cultural industry cooperation such as movies, music, animation, manga, and publishing, and exchange and mutual visits of high-level art groups” were stated.

Speedy wants to contribute to the further development of both countries in the entertainment field through Speedy China (Starlight International Culture Media).

I would like to give some advice to Japanese companies entering the Chinese market:

Company formation: It is not possible to register at a shared office or home like in Japan. You must have a designated place in the office district and you must also hire employee staff.

As a registration location,  setting up an office in Zhuhai is the most convenient. It is a new special economic zone where the Chinese government puts power next to Shenzhen. There is preferential treatment such as taxation depending on the contents of the company. Zhuhai is very close to Macau.

Launching a website: China is independent with 1.4 billion people. There are no portal sites in Western countries, and more powerful sites exist. There is Google (Hundred), LINE (WeChat), Twitter (Weibo), Amazon (Alibaba), Uber (DiDi), etc., and if you can’t accommodate your site, you can’t do online activities in China.

If you want to open a website in China, you must have a company in China. The website must meet the company’s Articles of Incorporation, where you are permitted and domain can be acquired. Even if there is a Chinese site in Japan, the population of China cannot access it.

Remittance to your home country: As there is a regulation for foreign currency, you should invest the money that made money in China in China again. Making a joint venture in China is also necessary. I can establish foreign capital of more than 25%, and the remittance to the own country is possible to some extent.

Most payments in China are made by “WeChatPay” or “Alibaba Payment (Alipay)”. There was no cash exchange. Night stalls also use QR codes.
Receipts used for entertainment can be confirmed and issued using WeChat QR codes.
Please note that Japanese credit cards cannot be used.

These are some points of advice for those who want to start a business in China.

8 agreements made by Chinese President Xi Jinping:

1. Establish 2020 as the year of “Chinese-Japan Cultural and Sports Exchange Promotion”.
2. Restart and expand the two-way school excursions between the two countries.
3. Expand the traffic between the two countries, hold the China-Japan Tourism Forum.
4. Promote the cooperation of cultural industries such as movies, music, animation, manga, publishing and high- level art.
5. To support each other in the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and to enhance the level of exchange and cooperation in the sports field.
6. Support mutual visits and exchange/cooperation in the media industry.
7. Share the experience of promoting women’s businesses and promoting gender equality.
8. Agree to hold the second meeting in china at the appropriate time next year.