Speedy NEWS

A summary of 2019.

Looking back at 2019…


  • Opened a gallery in LA and held 3 exhibitions.
  • Launched an office in China
  • I flew around the world a lot, 300,000 miles to be precise or 10 laps around the world.
  • Started an initiative to save forests by raising environmental issues.
  • Non became active in the entertainment world.
  • Conducted various consultations for Chateraise, Otsuka Furniture, and Yamato Heavy Industries.
  • Held a charity event for my friend’s NPO in Mozambique.
  • Got my scuba diving license in Hawaii.
  • Held many lectures such as Waseda University NEO and Dentsu Design Talk.
  • I was involved in many events such as Star Wars, Fake Exhibition, Ray Yamada’s Live Concert.
  • Started lymphocyte rejuvenation.


I would like to thank my staff, friends and colleagues who keep up with my ideas! Why doesn’t anyone stop me? HAHA!