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Future Planning in a Pandemic – In the Middle of “Now”, There’s Always Something Ahead.

Everything we can do now, may be a signal of what’s to come in the future.

The good things and bad things are all a sign to yourself for the future, are they not? That’s why you have 5 senses to notice signs. Do you follow or are you against this thought? If you think hard about the meaning, you might be able to control the future.

During the span of a month, I visited New York and Los Angeles, where I felt just how big and small the world really is.

This new virus that began in Wuhan, China, has all of a sudden spread all over the world. Although we live in the same world, the amount of deaths and the way this worldwide pandemic is dealt with is different from country to country. The government’s number one responsibility is to protect the citizens of its country. However, depending on the leaders awareness and ability, affects the measures that have been taken in each country.

China was the country of origin, but the measures taken against the virus were amazing, so I want to summarize the information.

The Chinese government was able to successful contain the country after being on lockdown for 2 months.

Everyday, a pace of over 3,000 people are catching the virus, but as of March 19th, 2020, Hubei Province and Wuhan now have zero new cases of the virus. This is the information we have summarized up until now.

  • 12/30/2020, Wuhan Officials announce Pneumonia cases with unknown causes
  • Wuhan goes on lockdown * 1/23/2020
  • Step-by-step movement in the town *More than 10 million people in Wuhan、and about 60 million people in Hubei’s freedom restricted
  •  Citizens permitted to leave house once every 3 days. *prohibited in Wuhan
  • Food supplies are ordered and delivered for each autonomous organization
  • Government supplies goods and human resources *food supplies・carrying about 750,000 tons of daily necessities and         medical supplies, dispatched more than 40,000 medical professionals *implemented by March 10th, 2020.All citizens must check their temperatures twice a day *only in Wuhan
  • Renovated gymnasiums in the city into temporary hospitals *secured and isolated 12,000 beds in total

The way America has dealt with the virus varies by state, but the transition to lockdown and outdoor restriction has been rapid.

L.A. bars forced to close, restaurants go takeout-only: ‘Some of these closures might be permanent’

Newsom Orders All Californians to Stay Home

Legislator Katie Porter: Making Corona Virus Test Kits Free to US Citizens https://www.newshonyaku.com/19801/

The US has implemented a human-to-human distance rule called “Social distancing.” You must stay 6ft apart from a person. By the way, when Americans bury the dead, they bury them 6ft under the ground, so 6ft might be considered a general sense of distance for US citizens.

BBC News – Social distancing may be needed for ‘most of year’

This virus seems to kill mostly elderly people and people with underlying health issues, so the market has made an effort to create opening hours specifically targeted for the elderly to prevent expansion of the virus.

In 2015, Bill Gates predicted the current situation.
TED2015 “The Next Outbreak? We’re Not Ready”

Unfortunately, Japan’s regulations are half measured. First of all, the country has still not been lockdown. At the very least, the government should be protecting the elderly, but for some reason, has only closed schools. The investigations undergone for the cause of the infection are inadequate, and the preparations for medical equipment is poor. The reason the virus hasn’t been spread is because our culture is not like that of countries like Italy that hug and kiss regularly. People are wearing masks now because it is Hay Fever season.

By the way, the populations of Wuhan, LA, NY, and Tokyo are about 10 million!
Looking at the way US is handling the situation, I feel sad to be born into a country with such poor politics.

In relation to this new virus, there is still no cure of vaccine. All we can do is discuss the current situation and find the hidden possibilities for the future. We mustn’t lose sight of the signs.

This is a history much longer than that of soldiers fighting in a war. This is a fight with bacteria. Humans who have continuously lost in this battle against bacteria, may have to learn to coexist.

On the other hand, the irony of this virus is that it has contributed greatly to advances in the medical field, remote working, learning development, rethinking the ethics that consider the relationship between people,

After the danger, comes great innovation. We must not ignore the signals and find new ways to adapt. In the Middle of “now”, there’s always something ahead.

Brand Consultant,  Atsushi Fukuda


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