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The Underlying Cause of COVID-19 is in Global Warming! NHK BS1 Special “Virus vs the Human Race~The Fight Against An Unknown Enemy~”

I watched NHK’s BS1 Special “Virus vs the Human Race~The Fight Against An Unknown Enemy~.”

The content of the discussion was interesting, but I couldn’t help catching myself staring at Japanese entomologist and doctor of agriculture, Koichi Koga’s gaudy outfit (LOL).  Compared to the other scholars, it seemed a little awkward. haha.
Trying to find a way to understand, I googled Koichi Koga to discover that we are the same age! He grew up as a scholar in the age of punk rock! That explains everything.


The remarks from Dr. Koga were so amazing, I had to transcribe them.

“(The underlying cause of the current virus) is global warming. The cause macroscopically, is industrial development in an attempt to bridge what begins with the North-South economic gap, which is happening so quickly in developing countries, so much so that development is becoming faster than that of developed countries.

This would happen in the middle of, what we call “the Biodiversity hotspot.” Therefore, the development and destruction, and deforestation are progressing rapidly, the virus that was trapped in the area before finds a new home in the human race. This connects to the north and south, as it enters the densely populated area in the north. This has been around since the 80s.

The developments causing climate change and such of globalization is actually the virus taking advance of the situation at full speed. The big question is, how can the people of the south stop cutting wood? We still can’t reach this goal. At the same time, the problem of an infectious disease occurs. ”

Furthermore, at the end of the program…

Naturally, we have to confront this urgent crisis with science and technology.  After all, we need the development of new medicine. While we do have this to look forward to, we need to think longterm and coexistence with nature and this extreme lifestyle change, so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Really, this happened because we put our hands where they shouldn’t belong in nature, and because of the erosion, this problem has occurred. In the middle is this virus, or rather, pollution that has put the human society at risk. In order to break this vicious cycle, in the first place, if we don’t start discussing what creatures are in harmony with nature in accordance with nature’s providence, we will not be able to maintain a sustainable society.

If this continues, I have a feeling that the current Corona Virus will teach us we that have to think seriously that human society is not the only thing to collapse.”

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