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After Corona: From Business Cards to Self-Sovereign Identity:SSI Generation

I returned to the business scene after a long absence.

With COVID-19, you begin to resent business cards and cash. Not on the same level as China, but cash is gradually becoming cashless. I think it’s ideal to get rid of cash.

So what about business cards?
I learned this from Hiroto Kobayashi’s new publication “After GAFA Decentralized World Map,” but the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by the United Nations say “By 2030, all people with provide identity including birth certificates.”

To achieve this, a smart contract platform based on block chain technology called “Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)” was considered.

There are many people in the world without IDS because they are refugees or other related problems. They are able to open bank accounts, receive welfare, get social trust, and have Self-Sovereign ID’s.

The positive spread of these IDs eliminates the damage and defamation caused by anonymous posting, and eliminates the scholarship of politicians. Isn’t there a possibility that Internet elections that utilize this will be highly accurate?

…So what I’m asking is, do we need business cards?

What is Self-Sovereignty Identity? New Possibility to Bring Block Chain


This book is very interesting! I highly recommend.
“After GAFA Decentralized World Map”  Author: Hiroto Kobayashi