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Press Release: Speedy, Inc Welcomes Shinsuke Tsutsumi As an Advisor

Speedy Books will deliver excellent Japanese literature to the world.

The Japanese language reaches only 100 million people of the 7.5 billion in the world. It’s such a wonderful language and yet Japanese literature hasn’t received much attention from the world.

In order to break through this situation, we have welcomed Mr. Shinsuke Tsutsumi who is familiar with the publishing world and internationality.

While relying on the knowledge of Mr. Tsutsumi, who produced “The Collected Works of Donald Keene” which introduced Japanese writers like Yukio Mishima and Kobo Abe to the world, we will actively expand overseas.

By 2021, my goal is to develop at least 5 literary works worldwide and to exhibit at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Atsushi Fukuda

【Notice of Appointment of Advisor】

Speedy, Inc. (Headquarters:Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Atsushi Fukuda) is pleased to announce welcoming Shinsuke Tsutsumi as an advisor.

A comment from Mr. Shinsuke Tsutsumi:

“I am sure Speedy, Inc. will bring epoch-making changes to the world of Japanese publishing. With this feeling, I have decided to help the cause.

That is, I hope that Speedy will put a stone in the world of publishing and present ways to make new books, as well as ways to read to the people.

This December, after almost 41 years of editing books and magazines, I will leave Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd. However, this is not goodbye to the world of publishing. With Speedy, Inc, if I can help make a new book, I am grateful. “

Mr. Tsutsumi has been involved as an editor in Shinchosha since the publication of the international information magazine “Foresight” and plays a part in journalism, while also in charge of literary authors such as Seicho Matsumoto, Nanao Shiono, Donald Keene, with many world-famous works such as “Seijuu Hairetsu” Romajin no Monogatari” and “The Collected Works of Donald Keene” and more.

By receiving his extensive experience, knowledge, and advice from a wide range of networks, we will promote and push forward the expansion of the publishing business and realize the philosophy of “Ideas running around the world, in a free and diverse society.”

【Personal History】
Shinsuke Tsutsumi
1980 graduated from The University of Tokyo Literature Department, entered Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd.
In charge of Seicho Matsumoto, accompanying many interviews in Japan and Overseas.
After editing Nanami Shiono’s “Romajin no Monogatari”
From 2004-2009 became the editor-in-chief for international information magazine, Foresight.
After, he was in charge of “The Collected Works of Donald Keene.”
From October of 2018, serves as commentary for BS-TBS “Hōdō Ichi Kyuu San Maru.”




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