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Be Reborn with NON with Clothes.【RE:BORN!】SDGs Special Feature

Be Reborn with NON with Clothes.【RE:BORN!】SDGs Special Feature
“My bottle and my bag will blend into everyday life, and become the norm.”

“Non” loves sewing and creates original works by combining worn out jeans and T-shirts that are no longer available.
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Actually, there are many other works as well. I think it would be interesting to do a fashion show like this. Please contact if you’re interested.

『FRaU』(August 2020 Issue)
Hello Nippon! Starting from Japan, SDGs.

coxco x No longer worn clothing: Discarded Apparel.  Collected used clothes and commercialize from recycled polyester

Nudie Jeans x Unused cotton: Recycled from mill mill scraps, manufactured in Swedish mills using renewable energy.

retela x Ink-stained cloth: Made from cloth that is discarded during the traditional Indian printing process.

KiNaKo x Excess building materials: Produced using materials from the scrap materials of the dismantling site and the ends of yoga mats.

FOOD TEXTILE x Wasted Food : dye made from the cut pieces of cut vegetables and coffee