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Speedy China(星光速度国际文化 有限公司): The day Chinese brands take over the world

Do you know these brands?
“PERFECT DIARY”, “Simple Love”, “Chicecream”, “SHEIN”

These are all China’s top brands

PERFECT DIARY(完美日記)- Cosmetics
In China, this brand is beating L’Oréal, Estée Lauder, and Lancôme.
The brand is operated by a company called Yatsen, and has a market cap of $11 billion (approx. ¥1.144 trillion – NYSE).

Simple Love(簡愛酸奶)- Dairy products, yogurt drinks, etc.
A range of low-sugar products with elegant designs, which are also additive-free and said to be good for your health.

Chicecream(鍾薛高)- Luxury ice cream
Only two years after its founding, this company’s revenue has surpassed that of Häagen-Dazs.
On Singles’ Day in 2020, they sold a total of 100,000 products within 18 minutes of opening.
Founder and CEO Frank Lin worked in the advertising industry after he graduated from college.

SHEIN – Fast fashion for women

This brand is extremely popular not just with Chinese teens, but Americans as well. They are competing with H&M and ZARA.

Each year, the Alibaba website records its highest revenue on Singles’ Day, and the brands that earn more than (approx. $15 million) over the course of the day are called the “100 million yuan club.”

There are 299 brands in this club, and 80% of them are Chinese brands. They are no longer imported products or simple imitations of Western and Japanese brands.

These Chinese brands targeted at Generation Z are apparently called “guo huo” (Chinese-made products).

You won’t ever hear this information if you aren’t keeping up with what’s happening in China. Read the article below.
It’s a report by Matt Cheng, of Chinese VC firm Cherubic Ventures.

This video I was shown yesterday by Yoko Sakanoue is also quite interesting.

A documentary by filmmaker Ryo Takeuchi, who lives in China.
China’s Post-Pandemic Era: Winning Against All Odds

After the pandemic, we here at Speedy China hope to continue acting as a bridge between Japanese companies and the emerging Chinese companies.

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