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Say goodbye to television ratings

Empirical Measurement

Streaming TV stations in the United States do not use Nielsen ratings but Demand Expressions developed by Parrot Analytics.

A simple index of how many people have seen something is not enough to rate a program. Some people just have the TV on. Also, just watching something does not lead to a rating.

Demand Expressions are based on various signals collected on the Internet.
For dramas and movies searched for on Google, the index analyzes Facebook like counts, P2P downloads, Wikipedia traffic, and other data to determine the popularity of particular titles.

After conducting a thorough, 360-degree analysis of consumers’ lives, demand for a program is rated. Of course, there is no guarantee that a hit will persist, but things will become more interesting if one can release works to the world that are in high demand but low supply.

It could be the case that art films or documentaries made by local stations, which traditionally have appeared only at independent cinemas, are what consumers are truly looking for.


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The “new hit index” in the golden age of streaming


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