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NON strums the guitar in a new TV commercial for SMADEN CO2 Zero!

NON strums the guitar in a new TV commercial for SMADEN CO2 Zero!

With the release of its electricity brand SMADEN CO2 Zero which produces virtually no CO2 emissions, i Grid Solutions has released a TV commercial featuring NON, who serves as the brand’s official “image character.”

One reason NON was chosen was that she was designated as “SDGs People #1” by the Japan SDGs Action Promotion Council. SMADEN CO2 Zero advocates the concept of “smart electricity for the home.” It will be an eco-friendly and sustainable brand that sells SMADEN electricity for home use.

In the commercial, one can watch NON strum a guitar while saying “Zero CO2 emissions” and “SMADEN CO2 Zero.”

A lottery campaign where a guitar autographed by NON will be presented to one lucky winner is being held until March 31st. Those who sign up for the service by March 31st will be eligible for the lottery.

NON’s comment
“As SDGs People #1, I was very happy to hear that I could appear in a zero CO2 emissions electricity commercial. SMADEN CO2 Zero lets you begin pursuing SDGs from a familiar place. That made me think that it is electricity that is kind to the earth while also being kind to us earthlings!
“I usually play a red Telecaster, but for the commercial’s shooting, they prepared a green Telecaster that matched SMADEN’s color.
“I only strapped it on and strummed it a little, but I enjoyed the shoot while also being a bit embarrassed handling a guitar I had just met for the first time.”

From SMADEN CO2 Zero new TV commercial “SMADEN CO2 Zero: Opening Session”