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Louis Vuitton, Sacai, and new fashion shows in the coronavirus era

The COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult to show films or hold concerts and plays.
The fashion industry also took damage. Shows could not be held and, with the drastic decrease in parties and restaurant visits, clothing failed to sell. In the midst of this, Louis Vuitton’s succeeded in going digital with its fashion show.
Typically, only a limited number of VIPs are invited to shows. For this event, about half the attendees were real people. The rest were digital attendees given dedicated IDs for online cameras. This allowed each digital attendee to experience the show with a realism unique to their camera’s location. The walls of the venue also contained XR imagery, giving online viewers a new and marvelous experience. Impressive!
Women’s Spring-Summer 2021 Fashion Show | LOUIS VUITTON
The setup for Sacai’s fashion show was even more incredible. Situated on the coast of Odawara, the Enoura Observatory has an optical glass stage with a splendid view of Sagami Bay. The observatory, built by contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto, took over two decades to complete. It rained on the day of the show, but around 200 invitees gathered in a box divided with acrylic boards to watch a show highlighted by a background of raindrops.
Also, in collaboration with KDDI and WARP, the show was also broadcast live with multi-angle video.
No matter the situation, bold creativity will bring innovation!
Footage of the Sacai’s first solo fashion show in Japan is now available!