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Why I Don’t Do YouTube: The Age of Publishing and Radio is Coming

Yukio Tachibanagawa, Toshie Tanaka and Zoom.
It made me rethink the meaning of publishing.
Why don’t I express myself on YouTube?
Perhaps they find meaning in the lack of immediacy (delayed gratification) of the publishing media.
A book must be properly scrutinized and thoughtfully written to convey the content that is worth the price. Therein lies the meaning.
I’m not saying it’s not good because it’s free, but it seems to me that it has no value unless it includes the editor’s (marketer’s) point of view to properly convey the author’s message.
Books are better understood when you have spoken to or become friends with the author.
In that sense, there is an affinity with social networking. However, the idea that a book is better because it has a large number of followers is completely different.
Talking with Mr. Tanaka, a skilled editor, I feel a sense of professional aesthetics.
He has been to Bhutan 13 times. The book must have been shaped by such passion that the editors themselves wanted to write a book about it.
I look forward to reading it on the weekends.
Why is the royal family of Bhutan so beloved?”
Toshie Tanaka’s home page
This year, I would like to continue to pursue self-expression, especially in writing.
I think that publishing and radio are two media that will grow with the Corona disaster.