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Enjoy the “thickening” of this healthy tea. Only 50 “Baobab Tea” (produced from Madagascar to Okinawa) left in 2021

Enjoy the “thickening” of this healthy tea.
Only 50 of the 2021 “Baobab Tea” (produced in Madagascar to Okinawa) are left! This is all of the leaves collected last year.
Since I made this as a hobby for my own health, I have simplified all the packaging design, etc. and offer it at cost (2,022 yen + shipping). Sold only online below.
Baobab, famous in Saint-Exupery’s “The Prince of the Stars,” is a 6,000-year-old superfood.
When baobab tea is boiled, it becomes “thick”. This “thickening” is called “pectin” and is the same as the thickening of okra and natto. Pectin improves the intestinal environment and suppresses the rise in blood glucose levels.
Enjoy this “thickening. The time and effort required to boil it is a shortcut to good health.
There are three main benefits.
(1) Anti-aging effect!
It contains high levels of antioxidants, namely polyphenols and vitamin C.
This is characterized by the fact that it does not oxidize the body and does not allow the body to rust.
(2) Expel toxins!
It has eight times more soluble fiber than burdock root. It holds in water and slows the absorption of sugar and cholesterol contained in it from the intestines.
This prevents a rapid rise in blood glucose levels after eating, and also helps prevent arteriosclerosis and other diseases.
(3) Superfoods at their finest!
Vitamin C is 3 times that of lemon, calcium is 3 times that of milk, dietary fiber is 8 times that of burdock root, iron is 4 times that of molokheiya, and polyphenols are 4 times that of cranberry. It is more than twice as high.
To investigate its efficacy, the Japan Food Analysis Center in Hokkaido conducted a blood glucose elevation test using mice.
The results showed that when adults consumed 0.5 g (1 pack of tea leaves contains 3.0 g) at a time, the increase in blood glucose level one hour after eating was reduced by 34.6%!