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After Corona- Thoughts on Work Life Balance

Originally, those who have travelled the world and can work from anywhere, mostly from the information industry who are called digital nomads (people who use the net, working like nomads) are not bothered like others by the stay at home rule. This is because their work lifestyle has not changed.

Japanese people hold the worlds best passports. Without a visa, we can enter more than 191 countries. If you were born in Afghanistan, you can only enter 26 countries. Despite this, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Japanese people didn’t travel often.  In fact, even if the number of inbound travelers have increased, as far as outbound travelers, we are near the bottom of the ranks for a developed country.

Currently with the stay home rule, most Japanese business people don’t know what to do at home. It may be a desperate measure to go a park you don’t usually go to with your partner.

It is a mental health crisis for those who are not used to traveling or showing affection towards others. People who are used to working to death are now being challenged by staying at home.

Before Corona, snack bars and bars were working to get people back from work to home. I believe that Japan didn’t need counselors(psychiatrists) as much as Western countries, because we had this “snack” culture.

In order to recover from Corona, it won’t be just from the lockdown being lifted. I believe, we will have to rethink work and play (work life balance) and find a good mental health space for our families.