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Corona Thoughts: More Than the Virus, I Fear People Being Deprived of Their Ability to Think.

Corona: The Deep Reason Behind the Increase of “Anxious People Who Obey Authority and Want to Beat Others”

The article that writer, who is well-informed about evolutionary psychology, Ore Chang(@selfcomestomine), wrote is very interesting. This is my own summary of the article below. 。


Humankind, over a long period, although as animals have evolved their mind, when there is a virus or natural threat, people lose all logic suddenly.

Psychologically speaking, apparently “the behavioral immunity to combat the threat of infectious diseases” transforms people into racists and conformists.

The decision to “follow norms and manners” is an intuitive guide rather than a rational decision-making based on conscious consideration.

People who are aware of threat of infectious diseases are more like to support values that are in accordance with social customs (less likely to accept novel values), and have a stronger sense of contempt and disdain for people who violate the norm.

All cultures have beliefs or superstitions that cannot be explained with rational reasons. Those that stubbornly practice the traditional folk remedies that still exist in some parts of the world do not have the medical and logical knowledge to explain how the method works.

The real horror of a pandemic is that is deprives people of their ability to think. And then the even scarier thing is that people who are not accustomed to institutionalism and those who try to think for themselves get worked up over social pressures.

↓ That’s why it’s become like this.

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However, it is an interesting point of view that humankind developed because it doesn’t make sense. It’s like people who don’t know what a microwave is for but even says it’s convenient, so you decide to try it type of spreading.

Before adapting to the system, it is better to have a habit of thinking about the essentials. I don’t think it’s grounded that 5 people were infect, and they continue lockdown.