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A Sauna that Brings a New Sense to the World : TAZAWAKO SAUNA 〜By the Lakeside, in A Sauna, with Coffee

With coronavirus began a new lifestyle, changing human lifestyle into something that has “comfort.”

The background of the sauna boom is moving from the world of “thought”, to the word of “senses.”

A new sauna has been developed in Akita Prefecture by entrepreneur, Makoto Yashima, and I was able to meet him and experience his sauna.

TAZAWA SAUNA 〜Kohan to, Sauna to, Coffee to (By the Lakeside, in a Sauna, with Coffee)

The lakeside tent sauna is 120 degrees! From the various scents from the smoke, you dive into the cold Lake Tazawa! And repeat.
It feels so good, you your skin metabolizes the “sweetness.”
Enjoy 2 hours of delicious coffee and feel enlightened!

Mr. Yashima has had experience in the IT industry in Tokyo and is a very smart entrepreneur. From now, he plans to expand nationwide bringing sauna to nature. An experience comparable to that of Finland’s, I encourage you to try this sauna experience!


This time, I was able to have various special experience, so if you would like this same experience, I highly recommend you make a phone call!

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