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Speedy slow life : On the uninhabited island made of coral, Quefu of the Kerama Islands

For me, who lives a “speedy” life, I rarely have the opportunity to be “slow”.

… but Kuefu Island of Kerama Islands suits a “slow” life. This is my second visit to the island. This is an uninhabited island made entirely of coral.

Since we can not approach the beach with the ship, we got onto a marine jet to bring our baggage and ourselves to the island.

There is nobody on the island, and of course there are no buildings, toilets, or vending machines.
Made of coral, there is no sand and no plants.

There is only the chirping of birds and the sound of the waves.
We spent time playing with drones and picking up trash that drifted from the mainland.

Here, simple cup ramen is exquisite.

I realized that we humans are lodging on earth.