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Speedy Farm: Recruiting staff! Nanjo, Okinawa Prefecture

I see agriculture as the highest art that humans can imagine. It’s often described as “living in harmony with nature,” but I think the opposite is true. The challenge of agriculture is how to push forward human civilization while understanding nature. If that were not the case, we would never be able to produce such abundant crops in large quantities, contrary to nature. (The agricultural revolution that took place primarily in Britain in the 18th century increased productivity and allowed people to control nature throughout the year.) The ultimate form of a Speedy Farm would realize “one-person farming,” where everything could be controlled with a smartphone using robotics and AI. However, locals have advised me that I should also take employment in Okinawa into consideration, and this is actually a good opportunity. I’d like to see if humans and robots can discover each other’s roles. If you live in the neighborhood, please try applying.


Speedy Farm (agriculture) OK to commute in your own car / No questions asked about your educational background Farmwork staff. No experience with agriculture required! Please help us twice a week for two to three hours at your preferred time. Agriculture: General farmwork such as planting seedlings and trees, tillage and watering, as well as reporting on the growth and the state of the farm using LINE, etc. Employment type: Part time Work location: Ozato, Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture Number of available positions: Two Age: 18–50 years old Employment period: Starts April 25th, 2021 (Sunday) Working hours: At your preferred time Overtime: None Note: We are seeking applicants with a smartphone who can communicate smoothly via LINE or email. Those without experience in agriculture are welcome, so long as you can tackle any kind of task proactively with stamina, vitality and a sense of responsibility!