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Stay at Home as the “Year of Wonders.”

Let’s think about the ideal vacation during this time of self-restraint as we stay at home.

My friend from junior high sent me the #PushUpBaton challenge on Facebook, and I accepted the challenge. Communicating with friends during this time makes me especially happy.

Now, I will use Newton’s story as a message.

When  the natural philosopher, Sir Isaac Newton, was student at Cambridge University in London (1664), the plague was popularly spreading¹, so he needed to return to his hometown in Woolsthorpe.

During his 18-month vacation, Newton was inspired by the laws of gravitation².

It seems he called this stay at home period the “year of wonders.” It would be great if we could all use this time to become more creative.

¹A horrific virus that killed more than 1/3 of the European population during the 14th century.

²Discovered the principle that earth has an attractive force and matter falls on the ground. This discovery led us to discovery the size of the earth and became the basis for the dramatic development of physics.