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From Remote Work to Remote Project

From remote work to remote project…

The remote work I’m doing now is just the office work I’ve done, but at home.
So, I’m at the level of turning on the computer in front of me and approving documents electronically.

However, If I think about continuing remote work for the year, I need to aim to be at a more advanced level. The individuals that are already strong are the ones who do telephone sales or have skills in crowd sourcing.

From now on, in order to begin huge projects with people we’ve never met, we must change the way we work. Everyone has started connecting via Zoom, but it’s mostly used for catching up with friends and family at this point.

My goal is to be at a level like Charlie from Charlies’s Angels who can solve difficult world problems without even showing up to the scene (LOL).

I think the Houston guys who sent Apollo 11 to the moon is man’s greatest remote work.

People who have a skill for getting along with strangers, people who go to foreign countries by themselves and make friends, people who create work…These types of people will become popular human resources post-corona.

I’m aiming to be the driver instead of the remote!