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Tips to Prevent SNS Flaming: Be Tolerant, Recognize Others, Don’t Forget to Be Kind.


I once had an assignment in taking measures against SNS flaming.

A lawyer who specializing in flaming identifies people who are slanderous, and sends proof of content one after another.

People who aren’t thinking and just share the post, take it down right away. However, the last 10 malicious people who won’t take it down are identified, along with their addresses.
When the agent brought a complaint…it turns out the culprit was a weak-looking, middle-aged salaryman. The point being “middle-aged man…how disgusting!” is not the conversation here. It’s that the malicious culprit is usually a normal person is what surprised me.

The behavior of people on SNS, without verifying the matter, they react to things on the net without thinking,  and their spinal reflexes help diffuse the matter. In a worst case scenario, they don’t even realize they may be aiding in murder.

Innocent people cannot escape from their remorse. They’ll end up crying themselves to sleep. Even if you wake from your sleep, the nightmare continues….forever.

Fake news articles on the net will continue to have an adverse effect on the victim after the incident forever.

Especially for celebrities, there are many incidents that can cause such damage, and has been used in recent years as a base to refrain from hiring and to lose the talent’s value or irresponsible power of anonymity. It’s far more unreasonable than losing a job due to COVID-19, which still has no vaccine.

Celebrities are people and have to make a living. Moreover, because they don’t receive compensation for being around for a long time like salarymen,  it’s a life-threatening business. There are people who say, “they do what they want, so it’s fine,” with such criticism, but it doesn’t mean that you can just rob someone of their job in an unreasonable way.

Celebrities sometimes talk about politics, have affairs, and stretch their wings on the southern islands.
Everyone, even if their bored in the house, and wide shows and the internet are your only interactions for awhile, don’t forget the usual face-to-face human behavior.

Remind yourself.

Be tolerant, recognize the people around you, and don’t forget to be kind.