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Top YouTuber, Yuka Kinoshita, Progresses in China!(Collabo technology x Fruitbomb x Speedy)

Speedy is also in cooperation!

Yuka Kinoshita’s live stream with Mainland China’s “Weibo” brought in 130,000 viewers and increased her followers by 2.66 million people after the viewing which was a great success.

We will continue to do these live streams, so clients interested in the Chinese market with things like cross-border EC, please get in contact.  There’s been a great response to this project!

Collabo technology has allied with Chinese company, Fruitbomb with “Infuruensa Chuugoku Shinshutsu Project” (Influencers Advance in China Project)!
The First Audition Held & Japan’s Best Female YouTuber, Yuka Kinoshita Live Stream on Chinese SNS “Weibo”!: