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Online Discussion【Post-Corona Innovation】Featuring: Conceptor, Naoki Sakai x Consultant, Atsushi Fukuda

A summary video from the very popular discussion the other day has been released.

Naoki Sakai has also established his online salon from this month, so please check it out if you are interested!

【Post-Corona Innovation】June 27th, 2020 (Saturday)

Guests: Conceptor, Naoki Sakai x Consultant, Atsushi Fukuda

Speedy’s charmain, Naoki Sakai, and president, Atsushi Fukuda, have also published new books at the same time.
We are pleased to announce a short version of the Facebook Live! to commemorate the 2 books releases (12 min. 56 sec).

Publication information:

Naoki Sakai “Koukishin to Inobeeshon, Joshiki wo Tobikoerun Hito no Kangaekata”  (Curiosity and Innovation-Ways of Thinking for People Who Jump Over Common Sense)

Atsushi Fukuda  “Artists as the Next Leaders 〜Creative Minds Post Corona”