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Technology stops the natural flow of time

Takeshi Yoro: “Living creatures are constantly moving and changing, but the act of informatization stops that.

If we take the example of cat videos, it’s easy to see. You can watch the video the next day, and it will still be the same, but the real cat will have aged by one day. Maybe it even died that day.

People are the same. In the fixed world of information, you can see the future, but in the real, living world, you can’t do this.”

When you’re living in Okinawa, surrounded by the magnificent natural environment, you truly understand that living creatures are only a small part of the natural world.

Digitization and informatization make it feel like we’ve been given endless life, but this is only an illusion, because time on Earth, and in the universe, continues to flow, without regard for the concerns of the living.

As I was thinking of these things, a beautiful wreath was delivered to me by Naoki Sakai. Perhaps being able to pin down a slice of nature isn’t so bad after all.