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Speedy Resorts Update : January 5, 2021

Speedy Resorts Update:

Now that it is finally 2021, we will begin construction in earnest.

We have also begun weeding the surrounding land. The land is covered in jungle and ends in a cliff. I look forward to using this slope to enjoy the sight of Hyakuna Beach.

Although nothing has been built yet, many of my friends hurried over to Okinawa to have a look!

Yoko Sakanoue, the plant hunter Seijun Nishihata, 1stbit president Yoshiyuki Yasuda, and Fumika Kirihara… Kirihara started calling it “Spireso,”(short for Speedy Resort) and now that name is starting to spread. What a terrifying virus, haha.

In other words, I will be Tanagusuku of Nanjo, Okinawa this year as well.


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