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Mentality in Need of Cherry Blossoms in the Age of the Coronavirus

People who are called organizers can always create an opportunity.
If there is a community, they have to guide and lead a group of people. To do this, the organizer issues a proposition.
For example, if you make a proposition to take beautiful pictures of cherry blossoms, people will naturally become more organized. Some people will take close-up pictures, while others will take selfies with cherry blossoms. A wide variety of expressions will emerge. However, without such a proposition, some people will just pass by.
I believe that the sense of season does not refer to the change of seasons, but is a word (a delimitation in the brain) created by people.
The beautiful cherry blossoms may not need logic, but if feeling a sense of season can make you feel positive, then Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) may be a good substitute for a tranquilizer.
There has never been a time when we need cherry blossoms more than we do now because of the coronavirus outbreak.