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Speedy Farm: The Superfood Made Famous by “The Little Prince”, Baobab Tea, is now Available! Prevents Blood Sugar Elevation


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The baobab tree that was made famous by “The Little Prince” is actually a superfood.
I am cultivating baobab trees imported from Madagascar into Okinawa by my brother in arms, Nishihata Seijun.
I harvested the leaves of the baobab tree, dried them, and turned them into tea leaves.
To determine its medicinal qualities, we conducted a study on its effects on the blood sugar of mice at the Japan Food Research Laboratories located in Hokkaido.
As a result, it was found that a single consumption of 0.5g (the tea leaves set has 3.0g) by adult mice reduced blood sugar elevation by 34.6% 1 hour after consumption! This result is truly amazing.
I am thinking about a pilot sale of this “Baobab Tea” on “Tabechoku” in the coming days. It has already passed various formalities!
Additionally, the package design for it has also been completed by “Danball One”, which featured Non in their commercials, so I can announce the sales very soon.
Do look forward to it!
*The photo of the mature baobab tree is taken from the internet.
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