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Corona Thoughts: Plan B Recommendation on How to Use Your Special Cash Payment

I read an article from last year about a chain restaurant that said they will “stop free rice service.” Their reason was because the customers who weren’t getting more helpings of rice, felt the service was unfair.

In Corona-nation, even though I face no loss, I feel that more and more people can not afford the things that they need.

The Special Cash Payment, in a sense, can be said to reflect on the era.  Essentially, social progress should come from helping the weak. Basically, the rich help the poor. I, especially, began to believe that Japan is such as country, even if the progressive tax is higher than other countries.

Currently, because we are in a state of emergency, things were beginning to scatter evenly, However, when it starts, the process of receiving is slow. There’s an opinion that if it’s not uniform, the process will move at a slower rate, but that is a story of work that is different from the basic concept.  First, in work(here, it is politics), there should be a goal and game plan in order to move forward.

We should support a large amount of the 12 trillion yen to people will lower incomes. However, this is not how the money is being divided, so I think that people who receive the 100,000 yen who don’t need it should donate to organizations or individuals who are in need. ←no pressure or compulsion.
I think if a third of the 12 trillion yen could go to people in need, that would be amazing.

What do you think?
If you know of any good organizations to donate to, please let me know.

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