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The speed of progress is becoming even more speedy!


The times are accelerating—speed itself is becoming more speedy.
The progress that would have taken 10 years in the past is now happening within a year. Speed itself is speeding up. You should learn how this feels.
“The first bespoke cars hit the roads around the tail end of the nineteenth century, but Ford’s 1908 introduction of the mass-produced Model T marked the real tipping point. Just four years later, New York traffic surveys counted more cars than horses on the road.
“And while the speed of this shift was breathtaking, in retrospect it wasn’t unexpected. Whenever a new technology offers a tenfold increase in value—cheaper, faster and better—there’s little that can slow it down.”
Quoted from “The Future Is Faster Than You Think: How Converging Technologies Are Transforming Business, Industries, and Our Lives” by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler
Their investigation of how long it took for technologies to acquire 50 million users is interesting.
Car: 62 years (1870)
Telephone: 50 years (1844)
Electricity: 46 years (1870)
Television: 22 years (1939)
Mobile phone: 12 years (1981)
Internet: 7 years (1989)
YouTube: 4 years (2005)
Facebook: 3 years (2004)
Twitter: 2 years (2006)
Fortunately, we currently live in the “Internet Revolution”—the next revolution to follow the Industrial Revolution. As speed itself accelerates, I am optimistic that solutions to difficult challenges that humankind faces such as climate change, population growth, hunger, and epidemics may come faster than we think.
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