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Speedy Farm : The first planting in mineral-rich soil!

Speedy Farm

Finally, the first planting.
The work has begun with the guidance of my good friend Seijun Nishihata.
I guess it’s always worth trying something new.

I developed a lot of know-how while clearing new land from complete wilderness.
Okinawa’s soil is made of deposits from rivers and ocean currents and mineral-rich soil produced by the weathering of Ryukyu coral limestone. This means Okinawan soil is low in organic matter—a perfect soil environment for plants!

In particular, there is a kind of special black clay soil called “Kucha” (meaning “mud”) that can be found in “Jaagaru,” the southern area of the Okinawan main island where I am located. Kucha is made of up fine clay particles originating from marl (carbonate-rich mudstone) deposited in the sea since ancient times. It is rich in calcium and other minerals.

From the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom, women have applied Kucha to their faces for its beautifying properties or used a dry form of the mud as hair washing powder.
* See below: It is also sold as a beautifying mud mask!

However, Kucha has low permeability and becomes a sticky mud when it rains. This makes it difficult to farm on.
During our preparatory stage, we deployed a power shovel the day after it rained and ended up making lumps of clay-like material. This made the later planting work even more difficult! There’s so much to learn.

However, thanks to everyone’s help, we managed to make something resembling farmland, and the first planting was a success. Much preparation is still needed—setting up the water supply, contracting for electricity, installing surveillance cameras, etc.—but, for the time being, it was wonderful to be able to eat boxed lunches together near the farmland!

Beauty masks that use the natural sea mud “Kucha.”

A facial wash and cream brand that uses the mineral-rich earth (Kucha) of southern Okinawa.

SuiSavon Shuri Soap | Okinawa-origin store specializing in hand soaps  https://www.tabirai.net/sightseeing/column/0008212.aspx