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  • Loving What Your Loved One Loves

    Loving What Your Loved One Loves

    Author: Archie Fukuda
    Release Date : April 5, 2024, Japan only.
    English version will be available by the end of this year

    Archie Fukuda is an entrepreneur who has successfully turned around more than 20 new businesses and companies.
    The key to success is to understand the "LIKE" mechanism.
    These include a talent agency business, an art gallery in Los Angeles, resort facilities throughout California and Okinawa, a pesticide-free farm, a publishing business, and start-up investments.
    How has the author been able to continue to take on so many different challenges?
    This book contains the secrets in a way that is easy to understand.
    This book is a must-have for businesspeople who want to start a start-up business, for those who want to improve their management skills and business sense, and for those who want to know who the popular Archie Fukuda is.


Atsushi Fukuda

CEO, Speedy, Inc.
CEO, Speedy Gallery, Inc. Santa Monica, CA
Board Member, Odd Number, Inc.
Representative Director, NPO Ashante Mama
Board Member, Corp (New York)
Visiting Professor, Yokohama College of Art
Visiting Professor, Content & Technology Integration Laboratory, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

Mr. Fukuda manages a wide variety of companies. Turned around all the companies he has been entrusted with.
He has been involved in publishing in 19 countries, talent agency in Japan, Los Angeles art gallery management, development of resorts and pesticide-free farms throughout California, Texas, and Okinawa, NFT business in Estonia, and startup investments worldwide.Read more…

Mar. 2018 CEO, Speedy Corporation
Apr 2007 CEO & Founder, Sony Digital Entertainment Inc.
Jan 2001 Vice President, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.

Cartier "Changemaker of the Year" (2016)
Warner Bros. "BEST MARKETER OF THE YEAR" for three consecutive years (2012-14)
Nikkei Web, "One of 51 IT Key Persons for the 21st Century" (2001)
Member of "Contents Investigation Committee", Agency for Cultural Affairs
Member of "Study Group for the Information Grand Voyage", Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

What You Like, You Will Like (Speedy Books)
Streetwise City 2022 (Koryosha Shoten)
The Corona Era of Swissy Living (Koryosha Shoten) Co-author of Naoki Sakai
Paradigm Shift: Are you ready for it? (Speedy Books)
You don't think you can make money with SNS, do you? (Shogakukan)
This is fine, I'm 14 years old" (Kodansha)
The Voice of the Town is a Lie" (Satemaga)


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