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  • The Street Smart City 2022 The Street Smart City 2022

    The Street Smart City 2022

    - After Corona New Urbanism by a Serial Entrepreneur

    Towers that stretch "vertically" will destroy the city. The smart city of the future will be a street-style city that stretches "horizontally.
    Atsushi Fukuda, a serial entrepreneur who has worked as a celebrity agent in Tokyo, managed an art gallery in L.A., developed a resort in Okinawa, and worked on a high-tech farm, talks about the new urbanism.
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Atsushi (Archie) Fukuda

Serial Entrepreneur
Born in Osaka, 1965. Graduated from the Art Department of Nihon University

Founder of Sony Digital Entertainment Inc.
Yokohama College of Art - Visiting Professor
K.I.T. Graduate School - Visiting Professor

He operates the first Hollywood-style talent agency in Japan. Activities include operating an art gallery based in Los Angeles, a vacation rental business, operating a resort hotel in Okinawa, developing a large-scale farm, developing digital content from Estonia, and investing in startups.

In 1998, as the Vice President of Sony Pictures Entertainment, he was involved in founding the satellite broadcasting network "Animax", "AXN", and more.Read more…

Cartier Award “Change Maker of the Year” (2016)
Warner Brothers’ Award “Best Marketer of the Year” (3 consecutive years 2010 – 2012)
Selected as one of “21st Century’s 51 Key IT People” by Nikkei (2001)

Government Commission:
Agency for Cultural Affairs: appointed as “Content Researcher”
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: “Information Age of Discovery” member
Ministry of International Affairs and Communication: “Media & Software Study Group” member

"Street-based cities2022" (Koryosha Books)
"Ready for the Paradigm Shift?: Creative Minds Post Corona"(Speedy Books)Co-author: Naoki Sakai
“Breezing Thru DX” (Koryosha Books)
“Ready for the Paradigm Shift?: Creative Minds Post Corona” (Speedy Books)
“You Are Not Thinking to Profit from Social Media, Are You?” (Shogakan)
“This is OK as a 14 Year Old!” (Kodansha)
“Vox Pop is a Lie” (Satemaga Books)

Speedy, Inc. - President
Speedy Gallery Inc. (CA, U.S.) - President
Speedy Euro OÜ - President

- Representative Director of The Association of Achantemama
- Co-founder of Tiger Mask Foundation


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